4-H Building
  • Static Exhibits: Members will have the option of participating in conference judging (wearing face masks and following social distancing) or can drop off their exhibit(s) to be judged solely on the write-up and the exhibit itself. We are looking at re-arranging judging times, scheduling one club at a time and limiting the number of people in the building at a time. More info to come.
  • State Fair Selection: Iowa 4-H is working with the Iowa State Fair Board to figure out what or how to still be able to do something for 4-H members. We have been told that we will get more information next week. Please be patient with us.
  • Club Booths: Exhibits will remain for an extended period of time, but we are not asking club's to create booths like in the past. We will try to come up with a nice set up for each club area for exhibits to be displayed in.
  • Building Watch & Fairgrounds Clean-Up: We will need help covering the 4-H Building as it will be open each day of the fair from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. We will work on scheduling clubs time slots to help us out. More info to come.
  • The livestock/small animal shows will be done in a "show & go" fashion. This means that animals will arrive, show, and go home all in the same day.
  • Stalling may take place in the barns or in their trailers.
  • We are working on the schedule (check-in times, show times) and will release it as soon as it's finalized.
  • Rabbits: We are aware of the disease RHD that is quickly spreading in rabbits. At this time the State Vet has voiced that there are no current cases in Iowa and believes that it is alright for us to hold our county fair rabbit shows. We do feel that the "show & go" option will be a help in keeping the rabbit exhibits safe, but we do plan to have extra precautions in place as well. More info to come.
  • Premium Sale - Will happen, but in a different format. A list of 4-H/FFA members names will be provided to the public via the Ringgold County Fair website and Facebook page. Individuals/Businesses that would like to make a donation to a member will be asked to send/drop off their donation to Ringgold County Fair, PO Box 335, Mount Ayr, IA 50854. Or drop off to Kisha Martin, Fair Board Secretary/Treasurer


There will be a fair parade this year. It is optional for our 4-H clubs to participate. If a club chooses to do so, keep in mind social distancing. This might mean that a club will limit the number of members riding in/on their entry, or get creative in how they do a parade entry. Contact information for the parade will be Bethany Knox 712-621-4844 or Kim Curry 515-468-0896.

Concession Stand

There will be a concession stand for the events. Kristen & Justin Akers are in charge of the stand, and will be looking at what to offer on the menu given the circumstances as well as the state guidelines that concession stands must follow. They would like to start the fair off with a "County Fair Kick-Off Supper" Wednesday night before the parade.

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice trailer will also be at the fair this year.

  • Camping will be available for those interested in camping at the fair. Please contact Kisha Martin 641-202-0177
  • No limits were set in an effort to control the amount of spectators at any of the events. Social distancing and the wearing of masks will be encouraged. Hand sanitizer will be readily available at many locations.
We will still have July 1 as the County Fair Entry Form deadline.
We plan to send out next week the following items: updated fair schedule, fair book and entry forms. Please be checking your email.

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